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A new website for the Holocaust Educational Trust

The Holocaust Educational Trust was established in 1988 with the aim to educate young people about the Holocaust, they are a well-known figure in the charity sector.


  • A modern, intuitive website that is secure
  • Increased sign-ups
  • Better management of students
  • Scalable website
  • Increased page views


Client Overview

The Holocaust Educational Trust works in schools, universities, and in the community raising awareness and understanding of the Holocaust. They also provide teacher training, and an outreach scheme for schools and learning resources. They were established in 1988 and are based in London.

One of their earliest achievements was ensuring that the Holocaust had a place in the National Curriculum in schools and educate teachers on how best to teach students about the Holocaust.


  • To redesign the Holocaust Educational Trust website
  • Increase the security of the website 
  • To host the current website in our secure servers

Where we come in

The Holocaust Education Trust approached us to take over their website from another agency, who managed it prior to us. They wanted a website which would be up-to-date and secure to make it simple for their users to access. 


When they approached us, they initially had a few problems, their website wasn’t working efficiently, and had a number of security breaches. We decided to take over their website and host it on our own remote servers.

A Modern Website

In 2017, we decided to redesign the existing Holocaust Educational Trust website, we did this in our Joomla CMS system. This would combine all of the existing content on the website into a single coherent design, comprising all information pages, news and events and blog pages. 



We enabled a regular support agreement with the HET, meaning we will continuously offer support services and add new features as necessary. In terms of hosting, the website, as well as all of our other websites, is hosted on Artonezero’s high availability web servers located at Telehouse North.

Website Layout

The website consists of two sections, one for the public and one for the members. 


The public version of the website communicates the latest news and events as well as information about the charity itself and the Holocaust. We also built a login-protected area aimed specifically towards teachers, this allows them to manage and upload materials in order to plan lessons. 


Elsewhere, we built the backend of the website to allow HET to manage attendees who attend their regular events, in particular their ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ event. They also have access to curriculum materials here too. 

You can view Holocaust Educational Trust’s new website here:

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