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New membership website for the London Library

The London Library is the capital’s oldest independent lending library and has been a haven for some of the greatest names in literature for over 100 years.

Charlotte Bossick, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager at the London Library had this to say about working with us:

“ArtOneZero have managed the London Library website for a number of years. They recently undertook a redevelopment of the site for us and it’s been an absolute joy to work with them. They’ve worked quickly and efficiently and nothing has been too much trouble.”


  • Increase membership signups 
  • Decreased bounce rate 
  • Improved traffic to the website

Client overview

First established in 1841, London Library is London’s oldest and the world’s largest independent library. It has seen many of the most prominent writers and thinkers pass through its doors, including; Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, George Eliot, Henry James, Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, Virginia Woolf,  Agatha Christie and Harold Pinter.


With more than one million books and periodicals in over 50 languages, the London Library’s collection includes works from the 16th century to the latest publications in print and electronic form.

You can see the London Library’s all-new website by clicking here.

The Challenge

London Library’s previous website was outdated and unresponsive which limited its ability to attract a younger generation of members. The website was difficult to use and unintuitive making it hard to sign up. As for editing the website, the process was long, complicated and often led to uninspiring and unengaging content being published.

Where we come in

Artonezero created a contemporary and easy to use website for the London Library, to showcase the libraries impressive history and collection. The new site is fully responsive (mobile friendly), enabling the London Library to attract a younger generation. This not only extended their reach but also increased their website traffic and user experience. 

To improve the conversion rate, we improved the user experience for online signups, making it simpler than ever to become a member. This included redesigning the Memberships page with a new tab structure that helps users to understand the different types of membership and choose the right membership for them. The London Library’s website is fully integrated with its in-house IT membership systems so that once a new user has completed the online sign-up process their membership can be managed by the London Library’s membership management team.

New events management functionality 

To help manage London Library’s busy schedule of events, new events management functionality was added to the homepage of the new website.

Staff can now seamlessly upload and market new events, and members can easily view and book their places. The website’s back-office system was simplified so that the London Library’s marketing team can easily edit the website on a daily basis, without relying on Artonezero for small changes.

Finally, we host the London Library website on our secure servers based in Telehouse North.

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