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Inbound Marketing Strategy for Venus Business Communications

Based in the West End, Venus (now M24Seven) is the is the leading independent fibre broadband network in London.

The Brief

Venus wanted an inbound marketing strategy. They approached us at the beginning of 2017 with the goal to improve their overall online presence and increase their website generated sales leads over the course of 12 months. At the time, Venus’s marketing program relied heavily on its direct sales team and outbound tactics. These included events, print marketing, PR and email marketing. As Venus continued to grow, they needed to broaden their lead generation channels to increase their leads and sales activity. To help Venus do this, we created a new inbound marketing strategy from scratch.


  • Increase lead generation through the Venus website
  • Develop CTAs to increase Venus’s qualified sales leads
  • Increase conversion rate of web traffic
  • Redesign website for lead generation
  • Create and execute a full inbound marketing strategy
  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Create target audience personas
  • Develop branding
  • SEO and keyword optimisation
  • Develop and execute a content marketing strategy
  • Full website redesign
  • Develop bespoke postcode checker software

Inbound marketing strategy

Competitor Analysis

This helped us to differentiate Venus from their competitors and establish how we would tailor Venus’s new inbound strategy.

Target Personas

We held a number of research workshops with Venus’s marketing and sales teams to identify target personas for Venus, each with the common “pain points” that they need addressing.

Brand Messaging

We created targeted messaging (including headlines, slogans, and body copy) was created to answer to appeal to each the individual persona’s pain points in the three different stages of their individual buyer’s journey.

SEO and content marketing strategy

To increase Venus’s online lead generation, we created a new SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content marketing strategy.


To understand our goals for Venus’s new SEO strategy, we measured the success of their marketing efforts for the previous year using Google Analytics.


We created a new keyword strategy based on high-performing industry keywords and more specific long-tail keywords used by Venus’s target personas.

Content Marketing Strategy

To leverage Venus’s new keyword strategy, we created a new ongoing content marketing strategy made of fully SEO-optimised content on their site.

Each piece of content we wrote was fine-tuned around high-performing keywords and persona pain points to help drive more organic traffic to the Venus website.

New website design

We redesigned the whole Venus website, with a particular focus on the home page. Venus and therefore the most important page to optimise for lead generation. In our new website design, design elements and messaging incorporated the inbound marketing buyer’s journey methodology. The key elements were the addition of CTAs, a postcode checker and content downloads focused on each persona and their current stage in the marketing funnel.

Call to Actions

We created a number of CTA offers on the homepage designed to engage with prospects in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. This helped to nurture prospects from “top” or “middle of the funnel” through to “bottom of the funnel” and into qualified sales leads.

Venus Postcode checker

The Postcode checker is the key CTA offer on the Venus homepage. We created a bespoke postcode checker tool that allows the user to instantly find out if they can get connected simply by submitting their postcode. The data collected through this tool allowed Venus’s sales team to view and follow up qualified sales leads using a bespoke CRM system developed by us for Venus.


With a combination of a high-converting call-to-action campaign, supported by our in-depth analysis into Venus’ customer’s buyer journey and their emotional triggers Venus received in the first month:

  • 5000 monthly visitors: 300 Leads.
  • 6% conversion rate.
  • Page 1 for competitive keyword phrases such as “business fibre” and “fibre London”
  • Bespoke postcode checker software

Moving forward

Up until Venus’s aquisition by M24Seven, we continued to be their inbound marketing supplier. We provided Venus with regular blog articles, social media content and support, SEO optimisation of content, email marketing content, and ongoing support to help them achieve their lead generation goals.

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