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10 reasons why your organisation should choose a Joomla website


When setting up your organisation’s new website there are a lot of important factors to consider, such as your website design and domain name, but the most important factor of all is choosing the right CMS platform. We can’t stress enough the importance of this decision and it is one that you shouldn’t take lightly.

There are many CMS platforms out there for you to choose from, but here at Artonezero we would recommend Joomla as the best platform for your organisation’s new website.

In this article, we will look at 10 reasons why a Joomla website is the best fit to help your organisation accomplish your website goals and solve your online challenges.

Joomla is free and open source software

This is one of the many reasons why many organisations and Joomla web developers choose Joomla for their website builds: it is free, and you can download the source code and have unrestricted rights to the software itself. This allows users to run Joomla, learn the ins and outs, modify it, distribute it, and even improve it so that other developers can benefit.

Joomla websites are responsive 

60% of internet access now occurs on mobile devices. With this, Joomla has shifted toward mobile friendliness. With ever-increasing mobile usage traffic, Joomla has stayed on top of the trend and is also responsive now. Joomla adopted the Bootstrap framework to easily assimilate into mobile-friendly dimensions with responsiveness offered to both its front-end design and administrator interface. Organisations who want to reach their audiences on all devices will really feel the benefit of choosing a Joomla responsive website.

Joomla has powerful and flexible Access Control System

Whereas Joomla’s main CMS rival, WordPress, provides quite limited access to control and therefore can be difficult to customise, Joomla has a powerful and flexible access control system right out of the box. The Joomla ACL (Access Control List) is essentially divided into two separate systems: one system controls what things users on the site can view, and the other controls what actions users can take. The ACL for each is set up differently and that works in two ways, using groups and access levels.

Joomla has thousands of extensions and integrations

There are 10,000s of extensions for Joomla websites, and the Joomla web developer community is one of the largest in the world. This means that you can focus on designing a great Joomla website for your organisation and know that the possibilities for useful features and add-ons are endless.

Joomla is multilingual from the start of installation

Another great aspect of Joomla that offers easy usability for its users is its multilingualism right from the word go. Joomla allows you to install it in a language of your choice, which is brilliant for organisations with a team made up of different cultures and languages. In addition, the language overriding in Joomla is simple; you can change the text to suit your requirements without the need for any coding.

Joomla is very secure

The biggest fear of any website user is compromised security. To ensure enhanced security, Joomla websites come equipped with 2 excellent security measures:

  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA): This is an inbuilt Joomla security feature that quells efforts of a security breach using any unauthorised access or hacking into the password security. Every time a login attempt is made on your Joomla website, 2FA generates a temporary code which is sent to your mobile phone. Only by entering this code can you access the admin section in the backend of your Joomla website.
  • Bcrypt Algorithm: This is a hashing algorithm used by Joomla to scramble all of the passwords in your database – ensuring better encryption against hackers.

Joomla incorporates smart search

Joomla’s smart search in-build extension not only helps to improve search functionality, but it also incorporates more techniques for searching, like many of the techniques supported by Google. Smart search allows you to create predefined filters, so you can provide your Joomla website users with a specific set of results. After running the first indexation, Joomla will then automatically index your content.

Joomla has an online forum with a growing community of users and Joomla web developers

When you choose the Joomla CMS for your organisation’s website, you can be sure that your Joomla website will be future-proof because the community of users and Joomla web developers is constantly growing. The Joomla Developer Network allows you to easily start and join discussions and seek advice and feedback on any issues you may have. If you encounter an issue with your Joomla website, simply interact with other Joomla web developers in the forum and you will get the assistance that you need.

Joomla boasts a world-class user interface (UI)

Joomla offers one of the largest selection of feature-rich templates available online. These world-class website template designs are built for customising the layout of your organisation’s Joomla Website and implementing your branding strategies in ways that save your organisation valuable time and money.

Joomla is enjoyable and simple to use

Once you have experienced using the Joomla CMS you will find yourself wanting to immerse yourself in all the tools and plugins that are available to create the perfect website to represent your organisation online. The more that you learn about Joomla, the more you will be impressed by the number of possibilities that are at your fingertips.

Choose a leading UK Joomla web development agency

At Artonezero, we have been building, maintaining, and hosting Joomla websites since 2006. As a recognised leading Joomla web development agency, we offer Joomla web design & development, Joomla eCommerce sites, marketing and SEO consultancy, and Joomla systems integration that will help your organisation make the most of your online presence.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your organisation solve your digital problems and reach your full online potential with a Joomla website, or would like a free two-hour project consultation, contact us today.

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